I've grown in so many areas in the past ten years but did not feel my body reflected my soul. I needed a breakthrough! The Ranch exceeded ALL my expectations. It did exactly what I wanted. They pushed my limits in a beautifully nurturing way. I learned so much and leave feeling aligned, supported, loved and with a new sense of purpose. Alex, Sue and the great staff have created something very special.

Mathew Upchurch - Founder/CEO Virtuoso Ltd


My 2nd visit to the Ranch and is was equally challenging and even more fulfilling. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and had fun with my friends. I Am thrilled to report that my rheumatoid arthritis is still gone thanks to my first visit to the Ranch. Can't wait to go buy smaller clothes.

David Lowy,  President  - Renshaw Travel


It's not just about the week one spends at the Ranch, it's the effect it has when you leave. I have continued to lose weight WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING AT ALL. It is almost as though it has changed my set-point. It's like it resets your metabolism. I was so sure, having hit 50, that those few extra pounds were something I had to accept. Not so, not so at all. The joy at not feeling lumpy over Christmas is a priceless one. Thank you again, guys.

C.S. – London


Words cannot explain how totally amazing The Ranch was. More importantly, the eye popping change from the first 3 days to the last 4 – Wow In EVERY WAY! It was not only a cleanse of the body but a cleanse of the mind and soul. The no communication was amazing. I did it and loved it! Came home pure, fresh and focused.
A.S. – Santa Barbara

I am running faster than ever and sprinting again. I am amazed at the strength I gained in a week and the weight and inchses I lost. The weight has stayed off and my metabolism is like it was in my 20's. I AM LOVING THE RANCH!!
L.B. – New York

I am just now packing to leave The Ranch but wanted to thank you and let you know how amazing this week has been. It was the hardest physical thing I have ever done and many times I thought I wouldn't make it. I feel so good about my accomplishments this week, and just feel good in general. I can’t wait to come back in April.
C.S. - Highland Park

Feeling fit and gaining traction for a fresh start is invaluable. I can't think of anyone who doesn't need that. You have created an incredible place providing life-changes for people. Now I just need to book my next visit.
J.S. – Los Angeles

You have created a world class retreat, which I hope to visit regularly throughout my life to recalibrate my mind and body. It’s a tough program that challenged me each day and made me realize how strong I really am.
J.M. – Toronto

I have always wanted to experience this type of program, but had no idea the feelings and emotions attached to the results. I feel I now have a clear and confident perspective on what it really takes to be happy and centered. It’s an amazing feeling to feel what I was created to feel, not weighed down both physically and mentally. A fresh start to the second half of my life. Thank you!
K.S. – Austin

I am a Board Certified MD. Of note, I think the pre and post numbers I had were very enlightening. Weight loss 8 lbs, Total Cholesterol from 202 to 173, HDL's jumped to 50 and LDL's went from borderline high to normal, C Reactive Protein went to normal. This is powerful since I had tried for about a year before the Ranch using a knowledgeable basis and trying things like Fish Oil, Oats, and other ways to naturally decrease my cholesterol. The point is that there is very likely some tangible empirical evidence that The Ranch, and maybe more importantly, a "Ranch-like lifestyle" could have real impact on areas like Cholesterol, Diabetes, Hypertension let alone longer term issues like cancer, aging, etc.
C.K. - Chicago, Illinois